Chrome Waves Spoonfed stream

Hear Chrome Waves’ gloomy new goth-metal dirge “Spoonfed”

Indianapolis post-black metal trio Chrome Waves—featuring members of Amiensus and ex-members of Wolvhammer and Skeletonwitch—are…

Pain of Salvation Panther review

Pain of Salvation : PANTHER

PANTHER is Pain of Salvation‘s seventh album, not counting the mostly rearrangements of Falling Home…

Boris vinyl reissues

Boris announce Absolutego, Amplifier Worship reissues

The band’s first two albums are coming back to vinyl.

Mastodon Medium Rarities review

Mastodon : Medium Rarities

A selection of the Atlanta metal giants’ outtakes, live takes and compilation tracks from the past 20 years.

Judas Priest 2018 tour

Judas Priest announce 2021 tour dates, curating Warlando Festival

While it’s not likely that we’ll be back to going to shows regularly anytime soon,…

Pig Destroyer : The Octagonal Stairway

The band’s most unpredictable and exciting release in years.

Uniform Shame review Album of the Week

Uniform – Shame

The New York trio’s fourth album is at once their most visceral and nuanced set of songs.

Shadow of the Horns: A fall metal-stravaganza

Twelve of the best new metal tracks of the month—that’s right twelve!

Thou, Cloud Rat, War on Women, Sunn O))) featured on Shut It Down, a benefit for Movement for Black Lives

46 bands featured on the compilation, being released on Bandcamp Friday.

Finding Peace of Mind in Doom Metal

A meditation on doom metal and self-care, and finding the right balance.

Necrot : Mortal

The American death metal trio deliver an absolute ripper of a sophomore album.

R.I.P. Riley Gale of Power Trip

The Power Trip vocalist has died at the age of 35.

Hear the new Deftones single, “Ohms”

The first single from the band’s new album has debuted.

Deftones reveal new album title, release date

‘Ohms’ will drop in September.

Primitive Man Immersion review

Primitive Man : Immersion

The Colorado doom-metal trio delves into emotion and agony to arrive at a place of darkness and truth.

A History of North American Death Metal in 30 Albums

A chronicle of America’s most uniquely ugly art form through the ages.

Spirit Adrift announce new album, Enlightened in Eternity

Hear new track “Harmony of the Spheres.”

Valkyrie : Fear

A rough rock ‘n’ roll album that has greatness within its reach.